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Kids Do the Darndest Things

Our children are our children—even when they have their own.  Our son Jeremy has two children, and therefore is a legitimate grownup. Although he is thirty-nine years old, he is as fun-loving as either one of his kids.

For example, on every birthday, Jeremy goes to McDonald’s and eats the number of chicken McNuggets equal to his age. He entered a McNugget-eating contest once and ended up on the McDonald’s Hall of Fame website.  Not exactly the role model you would want for your grandchildren…

One year he decided to have a meat-free September.  A huge carnivore, this was the supreme sacrifice for Jeremy. He got friends to support him and he raised some money for charity.  It was a struggle, but he made it, probably because September only has thirty days.

So we didn’t think much about it last month when he said he was going to eat an apple every day in February.  No big deal.  But then he told us last week that he has extended his commitment to1000 days, and who knows after that?

Perhaps the U.S. Apple Association will also want him on their website.

Our kid does the darndest things.


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