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Sometimes people we don’t even know become part of our lives as if they were friends.  Take Jane Brody, for instance.  Author of Good Food Book and Good Food Gourmet, her recipe for bean burritos is a staple in our dinner rotation.  Her cookbooks are shop worn, but remain on our go-to list when we are looking for something new (and healthy).  The picture of her on the book jackets shows a vibrant and beautiful young woman. Now, at seventy, she still writes one of my most-eagerly-awaited columns in The New York Times

When she wrote about how her chronic pain was undertreated, I felt her pain, and when her husband of so many years passed away. I felt her loss.  But her column last week http://nyti.ms/x5Tqyo convinces me that we are soul-sisters.  She writes about her relationship to her bicycle, how she rides (as I do) almost daily.  She urges others to ride, but to do it safely and to follow the rules that cars follow.  She too, like me, was hit by a careless driver but continues to bike in her eighth decade.

If I weren’t older than she is; if she weren’t a better writer than I am; and if my boys like hers were twins, I’d think we were separated at birth. 


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I love reading Jane Brody's columns too. Her ability to provide information, encouragement, and compassion while sharing a story always hooks me. I, however, didn't know about her cook books. I'll go look them up. thanks.

Marc Leavitt

Hi Judy:
I started reading your blog the other day after I aggregated some blogs about being of "a certain age." When I caMe back to your site tonight, I couldn't get back before the first series. Am I doing something wrong? I'd like to read the first two years worth of your posts. By the way, great stuff!
All the best

Marc Leavitt

Hi Judy:
Thank you for responding so quickly to my email. Long story short, there's nothing wrong with your blog. I had just finished the final edit of the first 80 pages of a book I'm writing, and I had a brain freeze. When I looked at the end of the post and didn't see the usual previous/next, I landed in the state of Confusion without my passport. Keep up the good work.

All the best,


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