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Sock Drawer

Peter’s socks fit into one tiny drawer.  With the exception of the black pair that goes with his tuxedo, they are all a very neutral dark charcoal gray.  That makes life easy when it comes to sorting laundry or deciding what to wear.

My “sock” drawer, on the other hand, is twice as big and overflowing. 

It contains sheer stockings and knee-highs in multiple shades, tights in black, brown, cream, and burgundy, and a mixed salad of trouser socks.  It has pink socks with red circles (bought in Spain) and black socks with huge colored flowers (bought on the Internet).  It has low-cut white socks from bicycling and high cut white socks from the olden days.  Similar items are sorted in freezer bags.

In my next life, I want to be a man.


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Jess Bowler

How is that for coincidence? I have just written a letter to my newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, about men's socks when I turned to your blog. Great minds think alike! I shall write a blog about it.

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