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It Used To Be Easier

At almost eighty-two, Peter is still (by all objective measures) a handsome man.  And he is a little mellower than he used to be, which is a good thing because I am not.  So, he keeps me centered.

But although he’s doing amazingly well more than three years since his Parkinson’s disease was diagnosed, some things have become more difficult.  For example, the other night as we were getting ready to go out for a dinner at friends, I noticed for the first time that he was having some trouble buttoning the cuff of his shirt. 

I was about to offer to help him when he succeeded.  Still, I could feel his frustration.  He told me that his difficulty is typical of people with Parkinson’s and that at his recent appointment with the neurologist, she had asked about it.

I hated watching him struggle, but he prevailed.  And that’s Peter.


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