How Do We Want To Be Remembered?

Fourth Birthday

The 70-Something blog will be four years old on Tuesday and that means that I will be seventy-four soon.  I’m not sure which is more shocking—that I’m still writing what’s on my mind twice weekly or that I am about to be seventy-four.

For the record, this is my 420th posting.  Maybe 85,000 words.  Two-inches of single-sided printed pages (printed out because one can never be sure that the files on the Internet won’t disappear.)

Over the holidays, I looked back at those four years.  There were themes I returned to often—my kids and their kids, my parents, Peter, my friends, current events that move me, and most important for my purposes, processing the fact that I am getting older.

I write for myself and for you.  Thanks for reading.


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Thank you for writing... thank you so much. You have no idea, how I always feel a tiny flutter and excitement, when I see "The 70-Something blog" appear on the RSS reader sidebar. A new post yay!

(I subscribed to 220 blogs, ~50% remain active, and I pin this one right at the top :)))

Happy 4th birthday, dear favourite blog!


Oh... and happy birthday to you Judy!

Liz Drahman

Thank you for sharing your journey. It has meant much to me. I am trying to figure out whether or not I have Celiac Disease and your open discussion of it has helped a great deal.

Audrey Mitchell

Thanks for writing. I've been a follower since 2010. I have one year and 11months till I reach 70. According to your blog, it is something to look forward to.

Dick Klade

Congrats on your blogaversary. Just found your site, and enjoyed your offerings.

Bev Funk

Happy Birthday YOUNGSTER !!!!

Yeppp... I am old enough to be your Mother. So I can give you a bit of advice. USE YOUR AGE!!! For instance, ride your bike as much as you like. But if something comes along that you don't like to do - such as carrying the groceries to your car - it is perfectly all right to bat your eyes at the gouchy YOUNG packing boy and tell him how HELPFUL it would be if his strong youthful self could be wonderful enough to help this Elder get her groceries to her car. And then, of course Thank him profusely.

If the store permits and you can afford it and if you really want to do it, a tip along with a big smile will guarentee you help in the future. Here where I shop, the young people are not allowed to accept tips, thank goodness 'cause I'm living on Social Security only, but i sure do thank them and then we frequently discuss my car - they love it - it's a 2001 Focus and still shiny (I'm just a little old lady so that makes it even better) and they can't get over how great it still looks and to the last one always ask if it's for sale.

Anyhow Happy Birthday again and as you must realize by now just getting older gives a person who pays attention to what's going on about her/him a bit more wisdom each day. Be an Elder not a Senior Citizen - you may notice that Elders are listened to more than Senior Citizens are. Even the word Elder infers Wisdom - note the respect received by the Elders within the Native American Tribes.

Thank you for your 70 Something emails, I read each one you send.


June Calender

I have not come across your blog before [this time via Times Goes By} but your statement here of why you write and what you write about is very much what I have been doing with my Big7-0 blog for some three years. I began it to force myself to admit 70 had caught up with me. You sound astonished that you face 74. I know the feeling. Chatting with about to be 50 year old daughter last week, when she realized how old I am, she said, "You're not that old." And I could only say, 'And you're not almost 50." The world out there thinks it knows what it means to be over 70. They don't unless they too are over 70. We're in this age thing together and we'll persevere.

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