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What, Me Retire?

Friends, family, and even strangers ask me when I plan to retire.  (My colleagues never ask which is a good thing.)

I’m old enough, but a couple of years ago I said “no” to a generous retirement package because I love my job.  However, the day will come when I will leave it, hopefully standing on my own two feet.

There are times when I think I should just set a date.  But I’m not ready.  At seventy-three, I can say with conviction that I won’t be working ten years from now.  Should I retire in June?  A year from now? When I am seventy-five? 

On Wednesday, I attended the annual holiday dinner hosted by our Executive Dean and Chief Operating Officer.  Every year we do a Yankee Swap at dinner.  (If you don’t know what that is, see

This year I got the gift no one wanted, recycled by the person who got it last year and didn’t want it.  So now, I can say with certainty that I will still be in my job a year from now.

I can’t imagine missing next year’s holiday dinner when I will be able to re-gift that Christmas tree hat with its flashing colored lights.

Happy Holidays


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