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We have vacationed with our friends Gordon and Christa for almost twenty-five years.  During that time, we never gave much thought to the division of responsibility among the four of us for planning and carrying out our trips.  We would agree on a destination and later get together with maps and calendars over a glass of wine to work out the details. 

But on our recent trip to Argentina, Christa and I noticed that we wives were taking a bit more of the lead in the planning and execution of our trip than in the past.  She and I agreed that the almost-ten-year age difference between our husbands and us is beginning to make a difference. 

Christa and I know that we are lucky to have long and happy marriages.  We are glad to take on more as the years go by.  However, the odds are that we will outlive our spouses. 

And then, who will take care of us?


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Nancy Andreasen

Good question! Although my spouse and I are the same age, he is showing some more indication of slowing of thought than I am. He's had 7 surgeries in the last ten years, so I have had lots of practice in caregiving as well. I have just been diagnosed with mildly elevated blood pressure, and have to have knee replacements soon, and he's having trouble thinking I'm less than invulnerable. (We're both 80 so...) Fortunately my daughter is quite aware of it all, and thinking of her family's future in relation to mine, so... she will probably end up with the caregiving job for whichever of us goes first. We're trying to be sure things are all organized to be as easy as possible for her, but coping with our 13 acres and big house will be a big job for somebody! Becoming aged is certainly challenging.


A family trip once in a while is not really something to say as extreme luxury.It's just a way of having fun and bonding to one another.

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