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Recently, a couple of our friends have suggested that Peter is looking a bit frail.  It’s hard for me to notice any change because I am with him every day.  But as I look a little closer, it seems that they may be right. After all, as our children remind me, “He’s no spring chicken.”

No matter, he is still the person I adore, and I am thankful for every day we have together.

As we held each other before drifting off to sleep the other night, I thought about how our bodies fit together so well, how comfortable they are together still and how we know every inch of one another as if we were one.


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Your post is so touching to me, in part because I've been thinking similar thoughts. My husband is younger than Peter ("only" 73, and I just turned 69), but I've noticed for the last 9 months or so that he suddenly seems to be aging faster than he had before. His posture is more stooped, and he definitely walks and moves more slowly. I used to have a hard time keeping up with him when we were walking (he's 6'3" and I'm a foot shorter), but now I'm usually walking faster and waiting for him to catch up. It makes me sad, but as they say about the woes of aging, "it beats the alternative."


I know what you mean...after 44 years of living with my husband. It is everything that is important in this life of ours along with my daughter.

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