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As You Grow Older...

I have banned the phrase “As you get older” from my house.  (I tried to ban the grunt-like sound that we utter as we sink into chairs, but even I can’t give that up.)  Truth to tell, it is Peter who often starts sentences with “As you grow older,” and it drives me crazy.  Probably because there is so much truth to it.

So here is a partial list of things that happen “As you grow older”.  Just don’t repeat them in my house.

As you grow older

  • Travel insurance costs more
  • It's hard to get up from a sofa
  • You have less energy
  • You forget names
  • You start to read books that you have already read
  • You can't hear as well except for the loud music at weddings
  • You feel colder
  • Everything takes longer
  • Print gets smaller
  • Lights get dimmer
  • Time goes faster

Stay tuned for my list of what gets better “As you get older.”


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I'm waiting with baited breath!

xoxoxo Jonas

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