What I Wore

Long Nights

Regular 70-something readers know how miserable I am when daylight savings time ends. That first bike ride home from work after dark sucks.

Each year I tell myself that I‘m getting too old to bike at night.  And then I think about walking to the bus stop after work, waiting for the bus in the cold, and walking home from the bus stop.  I decide I am up for another year of riding in the dark.

Unlike most cyclists who tune up their bikes in March, I do mine in October.  I need to have fresh anti-freeze in my brake cables.  And unlike many young, “immortal” night bike riders, I wear a neon yellow jacket over my parka, and my bike has blinking lights front and back. I want the drivers to see me.

This year I have a new addition to my bike.  It’s called BikeGlow Safety Light.  It is a string of flashing lights that wrap around the bike frame, and it is very cool.

Drivers beware!


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Marie at Aging Bodies

I just found your blog and am enjoying reading around on it. Do you ride a motor bike or a bicycle? I need to kick the dust off my Schwin Suburan 5 speed and get back to riding. It is such fun - just wish our road was safer to ride on!

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