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Senior Pass

I try to do my part to save the atmosphere from pollution.  I ride my bicycle to work and take public transportation whenever I can.  Neither is a hardship because I live fairly close to work and very close to public transportation.

When I became eligible for a senior transit pass one snowy February day eight years ago, I was very excited to have access to the discount that allows us to get to the airport and everywhere else on public transportation for sixty cents.

The other day I realized that my senior pass was about to expire.  I guess they figure that we don’t live forever, and they don’t want us to pass on our pass.  The pass expires in case we do.

But they don’t make it easy.  You can only get the pass in one of two locations.  I had to go on my lunch hour because they are only open during working hours.  The office is on the subway line, but you have to exit the subway to get there (which means that you have to pay to get back in).  There is no sign indicating where the pass can be renewed so you have to ask.  It is behind an oddly located black door with barely visible signage.

There were people waiting in line when I arrived.  There weren’t enough chairs.  The office is windowless, and the two people helping looked like they wanted to be anywhere but there.  There was little or no eye contact among those of us waiting and everyone also looked like they would rather have been somewhere else.  The one thing we had in common was that we were all over sixty-five.

I have my new pass now.  It is good for eight years.  I hope to be here to renew it.



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Jane Eastman

You can renew your senior pass by telephone I discovered when I called the number provided under the description of senior reduced fares on the MBTA website. The person I talked to was very helpful when I explained that it would be difficult for me to renew in person.


You are so good to spin this situation in such a positive light. It sounds terribly senior-UNFRIENDLY!

Shame on them for making it so difficult to renew a vitally important pass for Seniors to get around their own city.


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