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Olden Days

When we visit the grandkids (Grady, age five, and Leo, almost eight), they always want to hear how things were in the olden days.  Last weekend they were shocked to learn that their father hadn’t started playing soccer until third grade, since they each started to play when they were two years old. 

The kids also cannot conceive of life before email and had trouble believing that their dad didn’t have email until he was in college.  When a question came up that their 99-year-old great aunt could answer, Leo suggested we email her.  “She doesn’t do email,” I told him.  The look on his face was priceless.  I explained that her hands were pretty arthritic and mostly used for knitting.  When I added that she didn’t even have a computer, his jaw dropped. 

But it was their father who made the most startling observation. “Do you know, Mother,” he said, that on the day you were born the Civil War was as long ago as the day you were born is from today?”

It was then that I suggested we go outside and throw around the football.


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