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A Weekend with Charlie


We gave an engagement party for our son Jeremy and his (now) wife Katrina ten years ago.  It was a beautiful fall day, and we had the party in our back yard.  Best of all, it was catered, so all I had to do was order flowers and a few other items.

One of the things I ordered was cocktail napkins.  I chose a fall theme—a burnt-orange background with a big apple in the middle.   I over-ordered by a lot.

Recently, a good friend remarked, “What’s with the apple napkins?  Is there no end to the supply?!!”  I assured her that there was an end and that it was near.

Last Sunday when we served drinks to other friends, I placed the last four apple napkins on the cocktail table with a flourish. 

In those ten years, a lot has changed—and, at last, so will our napkins.


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