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Back to the Future

On Tuesday we went back to our old neighborhood for a good-bye party for our friend Barbara who sold her house after thirty-seven years.  It’s been thirty-six years since we moved into that neighborhood and sixteen since we left. 

Many sweet memories came flooding back.  Seth was shoveling our former neighbor Bob’s driveway after a huge snowstorm when we surprised him with Clem, our brand new Old English Sheepdog.  Seeing Bob Tuesday night, made that day seem like yesterday.  Jeremy deliberately fell down the stairs in our hosts’ house while making a video about the neighborhood.  And Jackie, their daughter told us that she had bought a space trolley for her kids, remembering how much she loved riding the one in our back yard when she was their age.

A friend of our son Seth now lives in the house next door to our old house, just a few blocks from where she grew up.  She married her high school sweetheart and has three kids.

It’s a whole new neighborhood, and that is how it should be. 


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