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The Spice of Life

For decades, we paid what seemed like outrageous sums of money for teeny jars of spices. Then we discovered Costco with its giant sizes of just about everything and started buying their huge containers of spices.  The cost –usually less than half of the supermarket cost for more than ten times the amount.  Since we never use up that much before the flavor disappears, we sometimes try to pawn some off on guests—“How about taking some oregano home with you?” But usually we just replace them when they reach a certain age.

Our greatest spice consumption is red pepper flakes.  That’s because Peter puts it on almost everything.  We pour some from the big container into a small jar that usually joins the salt and pepper on the dinner table. 

A month ago when we went to Costco, our small jar was almost empty so we bought a new super-sized container.  However, when I went to put it into the pantry, I saw there was another supersized container of—you guessed it-- red pepper flakes.

I saved the receipt, and when we returned for our monthly Costco visit yesterday, I returned the newer container.  Moments later, as we made our way down the spice aisle, I turned to Peter and said, “Let’s get some red pepper flakes.”

A look of disappointment flashed across his face.  “You took the words right out of my mouth, he said.”

It’s a little scary.


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Rachel Eggleston

Dear Judy,
Thank you for such a good laugh this morning! I can so relate to the 'gone from the mind in a flash'!!!
Many joys,

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