Summer Camp

Our next-door neighbors, Dick and Margie, have a lot in common with us.  They are about our age, with kids our kids’ age.  They are facing issues of growing older just as we are.

We try to have a drink together every few weeks.  We plan on one hour and we keep to it.  We laugh together, especially at ourselves.  We can repeat the same stories, assured that the other couple has already forgotten them.

The other night we were talking about summer camp, a new topic for us.  Margie and I agreed that summer camp was a formative experience for us, and although my camp was in Ohio, and Margie’s was in New Hampshire, they had much in common.  We discovered that we both liked riflery, although I think I earned more bars on my sharpshooter medal than she did.

When Margie broke into song with “Peace I ask of thee oh river…peace, peace, peace”, and I joined her in singing this staple of camp songs, our husbands were quick to remind us that our hour together was over.


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Ann Acheson

Wow--what memories are called up by your mention of that song! I'll be 69 later this year, and though I never went to summer camp, I was in the girl scouts for many years and did a lot of camping with them--and we definitely sang that song. Our kids (in their 30s) actually know a lot of my "girl scout" songs because we used to sing a lot in the car when going back and forth to our summer place, and a lot of my repertoire is from that era in my life.

I also wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading all your postings. After I discovered your blog and joined, I went and looked retrospectively at older ones as well.

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