The Passing of Summer
PT, Again

Sad, But Not Unhappy

Some changes sneak up on us.  Last Sunday, for example, we recognized something that we had been trying to ignore. 

We were taking an end-of-Labor-Day-weekend morning walk with our hosts before heading home from the Berkshires.  It started with a long steep hill.  My friend Tina and I walked in front, engrossed in our conversation.  Before we knew it, we were way ahead of the men and they never caught up with us. Turns out that the steep uphill was difficult for Peter, and he had to take it slowly. 

How different from our twenty-plus years of biking vacations when Peter, always the strongest, had to wait for us at the top of every serious hill!

In mid-afternoon, we started our drive home just as the rain began.  The long weekend backups were worse than usual because of the weather.  I drove most of the longer-than-expected trip. More and more, I am doing the bulk of the driving.

Over dinner that evening, I asked Peter if he was unhappy about his declining energy, even though at eighty-one, that is to be expected. 

“Sad, but not unhappy,” he replied.


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