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It is four years since Peter tripped while we were out walking, grabbed me to break his fall and got a few scrapes.  I, however, broke his fall and my hip. 

I can’t bear to think about all the things that went wrong that day, but I’ll never forget the ER doctor who finally checked me out at midnight.  He told me that most people who break a hip are dead within a year.  Not exactly what I needed to hear at that moment.

In the morning, the surgeon decided that I didn’t need a hip replacement.  Nailing the bone together would suffice.  He warned me, however, that I would be prone to arthritis in that hip.

So I wasn’t surprised when in June almost four years later, my left hip began to ache.

Three weeks ago, I mentioned my pain to Kathy, my trainer/physical therapist.  She asked me some questions about the pain and concluded that some new exercises might fix the problem.  She did not think it was arthritis.

She introduced me to something called a “foam roller” (she happened to have one in her car) and assigned me five punishing exercises to add to my already long routine. 

Three weeks later, I am not totally pain-free.  But I am on the way.  Without Kathy, I might be looking at a hip replacement.

I am very grateful.


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