The Spice of Life

Plus Ça Change

In the late nineteen eighties, my neighbors Valerie and Reggie and I started exercising together.  Two evenings a week, we would gather in Val's basement with a Jane Fonda exercise tape and exercise until we felt the "burn"  Our husbands accused us of exercising our mouths more than our bodies, but we actually did both.

At the end of one school year, my graduating high school senior had not mentioned his senior prom.  His father and I had no idea whether he was going, let alone with whom. And we were not about to ask.

But Valerie knew. She knew from her daughter that he was going and who he was going with.  That was only one example of the many things I learned about my kids while exercising, but it may have been the most memorable.

Twenty-three years later, long after Valerie moved away, she and I still exercise our mouths via weekly phone calls.  When we spoke on Sunday, I mentioned that I hadn’t talked with this same son recently, and didn’t really know what was going on with him. 

But, once again, she did.  They had been exchanging emails about a talk she had asked him to give at a fundraiser.  She told me about the event and when it would happen.  First I’d heard about it.

Just like old times. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose


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