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The Amazon is the second longest river in the world.  But according to recent media reports, when college students hear "Amazon", they think first (and possibly only) of  And when they hear "apple", their first thought is not about an item to win favor with their elementary school teachers. 


Things change quickly these days.


Not at our house, however.  For years, we have looked with envy at slick Apple iPods and laptops.  When the iPad came out last year, we were tempted, but managed to hold out until about a month ago.  The new version with its nifty cover was too much to resist.  Besides, our grandchildren asked us to get one so that they could play with it when we visited them. 


Two weeks later, our PC started acting like a bratty kid, telling us over and over that we are running out of space, no matter what we deleted. So we bought a Mac laptop.  It's beautiful.  Our photos look better.  It opens everything quickly.  It doesn't tell us we are out of space.  It doesn't have lots of wires twisted next to it. It's a challenge to learn a new operating system, but we are working on it.


Change happens a bit slowly at our house. But it happens.



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just stumbled across your blog and found myself hooked on past posts. My Mum is in her seventies and you are doing here what I am trying to do for people in their fifties.
I shall get my Mum to read this-she is full of life and up for some fun.
Very nice to meet you.
Please do feel free to drop by my blog where I have quite a few followers in their late seventies and even early eighties! One of them recently posted a photo of herself in a mini skirt for my competition - she looked amazing and I'll be posting it again along with all the others on September 16th when I have a book launch party
Warm wishes

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