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What Is Your Narrative?

What is your personal story?  What are your core values and how have you turned them into actions? Have you reflected on the choices you made in life and the values that motivated you to make them?   I hadn’t. 

Until a week ago. 

That was when I heard a 20-something, a 30-something, a 40-something and a 50-something tell their stories to an engrossed audience.  All the speakers engage in public service in their professional lives.  They all define public service somewhat differently, but they all got to be who they are by living their values.

I was describing this experience to Peter, and the next thing I knew, I was telling him my story.  (Which is kind of funny since we’ve known each other for forty-six years—you would think he “knew” my story.)

 As I told it, I could feel the threads of my life become woven together in a new and meaningful way. I told Peter that I had never put it all together like this before. 

 What is your narrative?


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Any chance you'd be willing to post such a 'story'?

I've done some work, a few times, on revealing to myself the narrative of my life as it plays in my head. On a couple of those occasions there has been a specific assignment to 'review and revise' the narrative -- for example, looking at the chapters where I have assigned myself the victim role, and seeing if there is anything good that could be extracted from that, any part of it that I might accept responsibility for, forgive myself and others for, and otherwise release. At least once the whole narrative of that chapter has altered, giving me more freedom in my today-life.

How about you?

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