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My Friend Susie


I met Susie (on the left) when my family moved to Pittsburgh in 1947. She was in my fifth grade class at Colfax Elementary School. We've been friends ever since.


Susie was probably the most popular girl in our high school class. Her house was the then-equivalent of the mall. Everybody hung out there.


We didn't go to the same college, but shortly after we graduated, Susie came to visit me in Boston, met her husband on a blind date and has lived in my area code ever since.


She and her husband Howard worked together for many years, but retired relatively early. Although they have their separate activities, they spend A LOT OF TIME together. I have asked Susie how they manage to do it, (probably because I'm worried that when I retire, I will drive Peter crazy). She doesn't know, but I think it's because they both have a great sense of humor and, like Susie in high school, they have a very active social life.


Susie has a bad case of scoliosis. When we had dinner with them recently, she was quite bent over and in pain. There is no cure for her, but they try to control her pain. Exercise helps. She swims every day and plays tennis. She laughs a lot. She doesn't complain.


In my book she is a super star.



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Might I recommend checking with specialists at the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC? A friend who turned up with both scoliosis and an opposite-plane bend in her spine in her 60s had surgery there last year, and is now 6" taller. Just before it, a surgery nearby now standardly done on newborns to release a tethered spinal cord(?). Absolutely remarkable stuff!

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