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Kissin’ Cousins

My mother was one of six children. One never married and two married late. So my brother Don and I have only six first cousins on that side of the family. I was the only girl and so the favorite niece by definition. Since none of my cousins lives near me, we rarely see each other except for weddings. We've been talking about getting together around Aunt Ruth's 100th birthday in February, but we can't count on that.


However, my cousin Arnie and his wife Joanie, who live in Buffalo, recently bought a house in Jamestown, Rhode Island to be near a child and a grandchild in the summer. And that's where we had a mini-reunion last weekend.


It was a great cast of characters including my cousin Gerry who, after being out of touch while he went through a couple of tough years, drove in from Connecticut. Joanie and Arnie's son Andy came up from New York City. And even Seth, less than twenty-four hours home from eleven weeks spent along the Mediterranean, arrived via Amtrak.


How often, at our age, do we get to be with folks who knew us in when we were young? And knew our parents? And how often do we see members of the next generation together?


I can't remember the last time I laughed so much.


There's nothing like family.


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