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Our Yahoo mail provider recently asked us to upgrade (free) to its new and improved version of email.  That was not surprising.  What was surprising was that they thanked us for being with them for eleven years. It seems like only yesterday when our son Jeremy set up our Yahoo account and suggested the password that we still use.

We had had email at work for a few years by then, but we still talked on our landline phone to colleagues and friends and even hand-wrote an occasional letter.

I don’t remember what year we got our first cell phone.  I do remember it was big and that we left it in the glove compartment of our car for emergency use only.

I do remember that when I was on a business trip to Mexico City in 1999, I was astonished that everyone there used cell phones.  I decided that cell phones must be a necessity because the traffic in Mexico City was so horrendous that people had to have phones to let each other know how late they would be.

Technology has been on my mind since we walked past a McDonald’s on Sunday.  There was a woman outside the restaurant. 

She was having a lively conversation.

On a pay phone!


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