Noblesse Oblige


Sunday was our son Seth's birthday. He spent it on the Ile Saint-Honorat, off the coast of France, part of his long summer trip as the Frugal Traveler. I think this was his first birthday alone, away from everyone who loves him.


We didn't feel sorry for him. Being somewhere in France in May isn't hard to take. But, somehow I felt bad enough about not being able to talk to him on THE day that I considered playing an audio tape from his fifth birthday party, until I realized we no longer have anything that plays audiotapes.


I am sure that all mothers think about the birth day of their child when they're celebrating a birthday. I had a difficult labor with Seth which I promptly forgot once I held him. He was born during a heat wave, and it was hot on Sunday. In the house where we raised him the rhododendron always bloomed on his birthday. In our empty-nest house, we also have rhododendron, and on Sunday, they were blooming.


We did finally speak to him on Monday via Skype. I asked him if he had been lonely the day before. His answer? "No." Thanks to Facebook, Twitter and email, he heard from everyone. Including us.


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