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Sixteen years ago this month, we moved to our "empty-nest" house. It's a mini-version of the larger home we raised the kids in, and it still has room for the whole family at Thanksgiving.


Most of the time, however, it's just Peter and me. And most of the time, we don't even go into half of our rooms. Take the living room. Except for the rare occasions when we have more than four for dinner, we don't use it. That's because we have a small sunroom with a sofa that is big enough to hold a few guests (and allows us to stretch out). That's where we "live."


We also have a formal dining room. We have not used it since we enlarged the kitchen twelve years ago. It has our original dining room furniture and a corner cabinet that displays my mother's china and crystal. It's more like a museum.


Some day we may have to downsize again. Until then, I'm OK with my un-used square feet. Thanksgivings come around pretty fast.



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Annie Joy

Judy, it sounds like you have a pretty good set-up. I gave up my dining room when we downsized and am now setting up a long folding table in the living room, which serves us pretty well with the dining table in the breakfast area. This morning I was commenting about how convenient our small house is for "going and fetching" (I am constantly fetching my glasses or cell phone) and my husband reminded me that we are fortunate to have reasonable utility rates, which is becoming more and more important!

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