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One Liners

For forty-six years, I’ve I have taken Peter’s one-liners in stride.  Some of them are very funny.  Others make me roll my eyes.


(1) On a recent walk, we spotted a nesting hawk on the ledge of a commercial building.  (OK, we didn’t spot it, but there were a lot of people looking up.)   A few moments later, walking around the reservoir, we encountered a man with a camera that had a long lens.  He looked like a birder, and I thought he might want to see the hawk. So I called out to him and explained what we had just seen and where.  He seemed grateful.

Peter’s comment as the stranger started off: “That guy is strictly for the birds.”

 (2) While out with friends last Friday, the subject of the upheavals in the Middle East came up. Peter’s comment: “Let’s get Syrious.”

Once when I suggested to Peter that he might want to censor some of his remarks for quality, Peter protested that spontaneity is everything. 

I recall our driving Seth and his friends somewhere long ago.  Peter was at his best with the one-liners during that trip, and one friend of Seth’s remarked—“Now I see where your sense of humor comes from.”  He meant it as a compliment.

Some of Peter’s one-liners are gems.  Some are not.  But he’s not about to stop offering them.  Even now, the kids can make it all worthwhile by chuckling and responding. “Good one Dad.”



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