Doing the Right Thing

Noblesse Oblige

Peter and I went to a small graduation celebration dinner on Thursday evening. I had helped the graduate navigate the sometimes choppy waters of completing two master's degrees at once, and in the process, we became friends.


I often meet students' families at graduations, but only rarely am I invited to their homes. And this time, Peter was included in the invitation, so I accepted. The graduate's family is very prominent. Their name is associated with high society, and the host's father served in President Kennedy's administration.


Their home was elegant with many historical and other artifacts. It was understated. It had a beautiful view. I think I could adjust to living there.


What was so amazing was how welcome and comfortable Peter and I felt. The conversation flowed easily, and it was as if Peter and I were the star attraction. The food was delicious, prepared by the hostess, I am sure without any help.


Because I work long hours, I don't really like to go out on a weeknight. When I do, I usually fade by 10:00 p.m.. Thursday evening, I didn't even glance at my watch until 11:00.


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