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On Friday I was angry at seventy-five percent of the four most important men in my life. I believe I had some cause, but the details don't matter. I was pretty miserable. (Okay Mom, I hear you saying "Nobody loves a sourpuss.")


Here's the root cause. It's late May. It's supposed to be warm, but the heat has been on in our house all month. We haven't had a really sunny day since Easter. I've gotten drenched on a number of bicycle trips to or from work. And I'm working super-long hours as we wrap up the school year. On top of (or because of) all that I had had a sleepless night on Thursday.


Peter pretty much knows to keep his distance when I am like this. My problem is that I am unable to get away from me.




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Twin City Joan

Is that sort of like "No matter where I go, there I am". Some days are like that. A good nights sleep and the end of the school year will fix it, at least temporarily. We in MN are also annoyed that it is almost June and we still have not taken down the storm windows and the heat is still on every day. Still,there are compensations. The flowers are blooming and lasting longer because of the cool nights. The grass is leaping out of the ground. I just mowed it Tues. and it needed mowing by yesterday. I put down grass seed yesterday because of the promise of rain and am happy that it will have some time yet to germinate before the hot,sticky weather shows up. Still, I want to open the windows and let the outside in until fall. This too shall pass - sooner or later.


Do you read the happiness project blog. Or the book if you'd prefer. She has some ideasmfor this sort of thing.

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