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How We Travel

One of the great joys of our lives comes from experiencing other cultures. From the time our kids were eight and ten until it wasn't "cool" to go with your parents, we took some wonderful trips together. A ranch vacation in Wyoming, a house exchange in London, a trip down the Nile, a long hike in Crete. and more.


But we were always (and still are) budget travelers. Once, we stayed in an "aparthotel" in Jerusalem that barely had the basics. Dealing with its shortcomings was a nuisance, but it allowed us to experience the daily life of the Israelis, and we laugh about it now.


Maybe that's why when we traveled to Nicaragua with Seth last summer, we were happy to keep within the meager budget he was allotted for his Frugal Traveler column. This summer we will join him for a week again, and we can't wait.


To quote him, "The more you spend, the less you experience."



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Susan Adcox

Just checked out Seth's blog and am looking forward to going back frequently. You're lucky to have a guide to frugal travel in the family. And while I love his quotation, "The more you spend, the less you experience," there are some travel experiences that I will pass on.


Where will you go this summer?

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