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Grammy Gets a Hit

We spent the weekend of Mother’s Day with our son Jeremy and his family.  The grandchildren have changed in the three months since we last saw them.  Grady, age four- and-a-half, looks like someone stretched him out.  No longer tank-like, he is tall and thin, much like his older brother.  Leo, a seasoned first grader, is growing up faster than his father likes.  Much to their parents dismay, a friend who won a new IPOD gave his old one to Leo.  Now weekend “screen time” counts as time spent on the IPOD as well as time spent watching TV.

 And then there is baseball.  The kids live on a dead- end street that they use as their field, and it works.  A “team” can be one-on-one or father Jeremy vs. the two kids, or as it was on Mother’s Day, Gramps, Jeremy and Leo vs. Grammy, Grady and neighbor Tess. 

Gramps, at 81, hit two homeruns.  Grammy was a little rusty and struck out a few times before launching a solid single.

  IMG_8498 take 2

 It was a great weekend.



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