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What I Tell; What I Don’t Tell

My first boss after college was great. We worked together for five years, and got along fine. One day, however, he seemed to be holding something back. So I said, "C'mon, you don't have any secrets from me." He replied, not missing a beat, "If I thought that was true, I'd have to kill myself."


That exchange from fifty years ago came back to me yesterday. One of the people we had invited for dinner last night confirmed by phone in the morning. She said, "I won't have any questions for you, because I keep up with you by reading your blog." I mumbled something about I would have plenty of questions for her, and that was the end of that.


It is true that blogging is sort of a one-way communication. And it is true that my friends who read my blog know more about what's on my mind than I do about what's on theirs. But one thing is for sure. If I thought I didn't have some secrets from my blog readers, I'd have to kill myself.


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We bloggers tend to show only what we want the world to know, whether we have a large readership or a small one. However, I guess we all want to tantalise a bit to get people to come back another day. At least, that's my summation. Every Blessing


One of the wonderful things about blogging for me is that I can reveal as much as I want about myself and no more. A good blog creates a sense of total openness, even when the blogger herself knows what she's holding back. Judging from your friend's comment before the dinner party, you're succeeding beautifully!

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