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A Ten of a Day


It's pretty rare to have a perfect day. But that's what Friday was for me.


I hopped on my bicycle under a blue sky to get to work early to greet a bunch of happy people who were thrilled to have been accepted into a graduate program at my school. About a hundred and fifty beaming faces of all colors and nationalities attended New Admit Day.


Many of them had been just an admissions folder to me, or an email inquiry, or a phone call. Until Friday. During the day, I did a few presentations and met with many of the potential students one on one. Everything went well.


In the evening, we had dinner with good friends in a restaurant we hadn't tried before, and each course was better than the one before. It was also a day when both children checked in. What more can one wish for?


But there was one more thing. A former roommate of our son Seth appeared in my office doorway unexpectedly. I hadn't seen Eric in a number of years. This is how he greeted me.

"Judy Kugel—you're ageless!"


Now that was a good day.



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