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The Stupidest Argument

Although Peter and I do a bit of bickering, I can count on one hand the serious arguments we’ve had.  I do recall having an argument while running on a wintry day at least a quarter of a century ago.  We disagreed about something the children were or were not doing (a common topic of disagreement between parents), and it got so heated that I stopped running and let him go on without me.

We have, however, had a lot of really stupid arguments, although I don’t recall those either.

But recently we had what had to be the stupidest argument of all.  We went shopping at Costco.  Like all box stores, it has a huge parking lot.  Peter always turns right into the section of the parking lot that is furthest from the store entrance, while I prefer to look first in the nearer section.  Of course the driver, usually Peter, makes the call. 

So after we trudged at least the length of a football field from the space he chose on a recent Saturday, and saw not one, but two spaces fifty feet from the entrance, we argued.  Peter said, “They wouldn’t have been there when we were.”  I said, “But there might have been others.”  I added, “We get plenty of exercise walking around the store. It's a waste of time to park farther away than we have to”. 

Then, I turned to him, and said, “This may be the stupidest argument we have ever had”.

What’s the stupidest argument you have had?


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When my daughter was an infant we had a huge argument about who got to take out the compost! I was looking forward to getting out of the house (i.e. walking out the side door, around the back and to the other side of a very small house), but my husband took out the compost and I was furious. I was in tears and it is one of the memories that reminds me that not everything about being the mother of little people is a pleasure.

Reed Stevens

After Jim and I settled the arguments over his kid who simply grew up and out of range and he puts the top on the toothpaste, I have chosen to pick on the way he loads the dishwasher.

He has unloaed a gazillion times! How can he not know where the tall glasses go? The tallest plates to one side to avoid the squirting underarm?

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