Fat or Non-Fat; That is the Question
Eighty-one and Counting


On a foodie scale of one to ten, I'd call myself a five. I like to keep up with the latest food fads. I even like to try them.


For example, the carnaroli fish risotto I had at a new "in" restaurant last week (my definition of "in" is that you have to call a month in advance to get a table at a reasonable time) had El Bulli-inspired foam on top of it. (Foam may be so "in" that it's out.)


Foodie restaurants also require a foodie dictionary or a very savvy waitperson to explain ingredients like Mangalitsa Lardo or Vegetable Mignardises. All this is good.


But sometimes you have to have comfort food. And on Thursday night I had a yen for good old-fashioned tuna casserole. When is the last time any foodie, including me, had tuna casserole?


Thanks to the web, we found a recipe that was easily adapted to my gluten-intolerance, e.g., crushed Corn Chex for the topping rather than bread crumbs. We had tuna casserole for dinner Friday night.


It was heaven.


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For your next craving for a good gluten-free tuna casserole, try this recipe: http://www.recipezaar.com/Gluten-Free-Noodle-Tuna-Casserole-190793. I skip the potato chips and add extra veggies. Wynne

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