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What We Do and What We Don't Do

A very good friend of ours who will turn eighty this year doesn’t exercise regularly.  Yet he looks terrific and very fit.  He knows he should exercise and says he will, but he doesn’t.  I was discussing this with Peter recently. He thought our friend was doing quite well, thank you.  I pressed my point.  “Exercise is important”, I insisted.

And that got me thinking about what we do and don’t do.

We exercise.  A lot.  We get help from our trainer (Kathy) four times a year.  You could say that we’re compulsive about exercise.  However, Kathy has been telling Peter that he needs to drink more water for years.  Now that Peter is trying to strengthen his voice which is fading, a symptom of his Parkinson’s Disease, the speech therapist is also telling him to drink more water. It’s hopeless.

I am not perfect about taking care of myself either, of course.  I truly believe that one should not consume a morsel of food after dinner. Perhaps you’ve read the studies of the long lives of mice that don’t eat much.  Yet, as I begin to fade around nine o’clock in the evening, I yearn for a snack to help me stay awake.  And, more often than not, I have one. 

Just like all unhappy families are unhappy in their own way, we all fail to act in our own best interests in our own way.


We are just being human.


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