Some Things Don’t Change
What We Do and What We Don't Do

What a Week!

This week, two stories dominated the media-- online, on television and in print. The world's eyes were riveted on the Middle East where the democratic uprising in Tunisia was a catalyst for the streets of Cairo and Alexandria to fill with tens of thousands of Egyptians demanding change. Word spread like wildfire. China showed its concern by preventing all Internet searches containing "Egypt".


At the same time, the U.S. was/is enduring a record-breaking stretch of bad weather. On Tuesday and Wednesday something like a hundred million of us were affected by the worst weather that winter has to offer. Even Chicago was brought to its knees.


In Boston, we don't have any place to put the new snow. And more is coming. Retail stores are empty, and people are encouraged to stay home from work.


We set our alarm clock every night this week as we always do, but with a renewed sense of wonder about what the next day will bring.



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