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Today I turned seventy-three. I used to think seventy-three was old, but now I know better.


Growing up, I was the youngest in my class because I started kindergarten at age four. My mother had begged the Cincinnati Board of Education to let me start school early because we had just moved there, I had no friends, and I did have four weeks of kindergarten under my belt from Buffalo, New York where school started at four for everyone.


I have a vague recollection of the test the Board of Education gave me. I remember a picture of two baby shoes and I was asked what was missing. Well, one of the shoes had no laces. I got that answer, and probably some others, right so, much to my mother's relief, the Board of Education allowed me to enter kindergarten.


As the youngest, I was the last one of my friends to get a driver's license, vote and drink legally. Back then I was always wishing that I was older.


No more. Today, on my seventy-third birthday, one of my close childhood classmates is already seventy-four and four days old. Two others will be celebrating their seventy-fourth birthdays soon. All three of these women are living proof that seventy-three can be a very good age, and I'm counting on that.


Peter asked me what I would like for my birthday.


"Nothing money can buy," I told him.


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Happy Birthday Judy!

Annie Joy

Happy Birthday, Judy! Seventy-four (and eighty-four) seem younger to me every year. It helps to see so many vibrant and interesting people my age and older. Thank you for your inspiration! Annie


Happy Birthday! That's amazing that you remember the kindergarten entrance test! My town did not have kindergarten, in the 50's, but I do remember my son's test, in 1988. One question was what does your father do and what does your mother do; I held my breath for the answer about me--would he say lies on the couch and reads?! Or yells?! But he said she picks up and she plays with me. Phew!!

Megan Sullivan

Happy (belated) Birthday Judy!


Happy Birthday and many more. Blessings to you and yours.

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