Tucson Tragedy
Some Things Don’t Change

Tucson, Part II

Peter and I did quite a bit of hiking during our recent Tucson vacation. Our rental condo (by sheer good luck) was a five-minute drive from Sabino Canyon, with its many beautiful trails. The Arizona desert from Phoenix south is stunning with its signature Saguaro cacti standing soldier-like on the sunny sides of the mountains. We never tired of looking at them.


We also hiked in Catalina State Park. The pure silence at the top of the Canyon Loop, where we stopped for a brief rest to gaze in wonder at our surroundings, was only interrupted by the Arizona birds, tweeting their messages. It was magical.


We couldn't help but think of home, where the snowfall that day would measure seventeen inches.


There were many memorable moments on this trip—brilliant pink and orange sunsets, a visit to the remarkable Kartchner Caverns, the not-to-be missed Desert Museum, the artists' colony in Tubac, and some new friends who generously shared their knowledge of the area.


Best of all, we discovered that there are still new adventures awaiting us. As Peter put it, "We may not be what we used to be, but we are still a great travel team."




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