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I have a new worry.  I am afraid that one of these days the newspaper will stop being delivered to my door.  I don’t know what Peter and I will do without a newspaper at breakfast.  We could bring laptops to the table and read online, but that wouldn’t be the same.  Plus, we only have one laptop.

It isn’t that we don’t have anything to say at breakfast.  But we talk about what we are reading.  To be specific, one of us reads what’s interesting in their section of the paper out loud even though, of course, the other person will have that section soon. 

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading that a Danish shipping company is paying $2.4 billion to a South Korean energy company to acquire its Brazilian pre-salt oil deposits assets (whatever that means).  I read it to Peter, observing that it was a great example of our “flat world”.

There was also a story about how badly Britain was handling an inch of snow in Essex.  It seems that there was a car accident that injured a passenger.  An ambulance came to take him to the hospital.  The ambulance crashed on the way to the hospital, and the guy was killed.  All because of an inch of snow!

Peter then reported that James Franco, the lead in the movie 127 Hours, enrolled in four graduate programs simultaneously after his BA, one each in film, writing and poetry and one leading to a PhD in English.  He’s published a book and currently has a solo art show in a New York gallery.

I could survive without coffee or my favorite granola at breakfast time, if I had to.  But please, please don’t take away my morning paper.


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