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Two and a half million boomers are going to turn sixty-five in 2011, according to an AARP survey.  I was almost a baby boomer, give or take seven years.  But those seven years made a huge difference.

My women friends back then who finished undergraduate studies without a husband were more or less “failures”, especially if, like me, they hadn’t earned a teaching or nursing degree.  I attended a lot of weddings the summer I graduated.  Just not mine.

For baby boomer women, graduate school was a viable choice.  I was out of college for fifteen years before I started grad school.  

Many incipient 65 year-olds told AARP that they will continue to work.  Of those currently employed, forty percent plan to “work until they drop.”  Sounds a bit like me, and I’ve been at it seven years longer than they have.

I have a lot of baby boomer friends. So I think I deserve honorary membership in the baby boomer generation.  I’m hoping to be an example for them by living fully in my 70’s.

For more, see http://www.aarp.org/about-aarp/press-center/info-12-2010/boomers_turning_65.html


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