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Who Goes First?

The odds are that Peter and I will not die at the same time. Statistically, I should outlive him because I am eight years younger than he is. But life is not statistics.


Peter doesn't want to outlive me because he thinks I take care of him. A number of years ago, our son Seth offered to take Peter as a roommate should I die first, but I think that offer may have expired.


Which brings me to this morning. Normally, Peter folds his laundered socks and puts them away. But today, I did it. And in his sock drawer, I found six "orphans". Turns out they all matched and he actually has three more perfectly good pairs of socks. My first thought was that one thing I wouldn't miss about Peter, should I outlive him, would be how badly he takes care of his clothes.


I decided to make a mental list of "at least I won't have to live with THAT anymore" things that might offer me some consolation in an un-hoped-for widowhood.


I couldn't think of anything else.


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Peter Kugel

You're ahead of me again. My mental list of "at least I won't have to live with THAT anymore" things has nothing in it.

Anne Paluck

So very touching. What a loving marriage.


Interesting to know we are not the only couple who thinks about death and who goes first. I tend to do it the other way round when something annoys me a little bit - I think that it is far better than him not being here!

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