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It is no secret that there aren't enough ladies' rooms anywhere. Recently, we had to wait eons for a friend who had to stand in line to use the ladies' room after a concert. I usually don't use the bathroom nearest to my office at work, because it's never free. I walk to a less traffic'd place where I am often the only one there.


That ladies' room has two stalls. One day last week I thought there were two people in the stall next to mine until I realized that my neighbor was talking on her cell phone. It seemed to be a business conversation. Because I came in the middle and left before it was over, not only do I not know what it was about, I couldn't tell who was talking.


I wondered what the person she was talking to thought when they heard a very loud flushing noise.


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Carol Olmert

Judy, I would guess this person, given the fact that she doesn't consider the use of a cell phone in a bathroom impolite and insensitive, probably wouldn't care about what other people think!

Carol Olmert
Author, "Bathrooms Make Me Nervous"

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