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The Joy of Cooking

When Peter and I started dating in1965, we each owned a copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child. We both loved to cook, and I was impressed that his copy was more worn than mine. (At the time, I didn't realize that his copy was in worse shape than mine because he is a messy chef.)


When we got married in 1968, one of our favorite gifts was The Gourmet Cookbook, Volume II, and forty-two years later, one of our staple dinners is the broiled halibut with vermouth on page 149.


In the 70's we gave dinner parties all the time. They started after the kids were in bed, and we actually got dressed up for them.


Somehow over the years, even though we have amassed shelves of cookbooks, we give fewer dinner parties. And when we do, we almost never have more than six people. Because Peter is now retired, he is the chief chef, at least on week days because I am at work. So, except for some weekend cooking I was semi-retired from the kitchen.


I'm not sure why it happened, but last weekend, I got the urge to cook. I made a marvelous tomato soup, flavored with honey and cream and a new chicken recipe with roasted red and green grapes that was in the paper that week. I decided that since I didn't work between Christmas and New Year's I would invite friends for a week-night dinner. In addition, it's my year to do New Year's Eve dinner, and I'm planning a rack of lamb and all the trimmings. Dessert is still TBD.


I'm re-inventing my inner cook, and finding, once again, that there is joy in cooking.



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Have you seen the film/movie Julie and Julia? - well worth a look. Cooking can be so comforting as well as joyful.

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