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Snow Bonus

On the day after Christmas, the East Coast finally got its share of the nasty weather that worked its way across the country. Peter and I were among the lucky ones who weren't traveling. We lined up the flashlights and candles and hunkered down.


Our son Seth was in town for a reunion with some of his friends the afternoon the blizzard started. The hosts moved up the party starting time so that he got back to us safely, though slowly, to join in the hunkering.


Although the lights flickered once, we didn't lose power. It was one of those magical evenings as long as you didn't have to go anywhere.


At 10:00 p.m., although the worst was yet to come, it looked like this. (Photo by Seth)



By Monday morning, we had fifteen inches and a snow blower out of commission. But luckily we had Seth, and he dug us out like any strong Bikram-yoga-trained son would do.


Like so many stranded travelers on Monday, Seth couldn't get back to New York City. We got to keep him for an extra night.


A snow bonus.



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judy kugel

Hi Barbara,
Glad you are back to logging. I would love an I pad, but recently bought an e- book so will probably wait.
Wish you were right about Seth--he divides his time between Sap Paul, NYC and the road. He is in the Dominican Republic now and is off to London and then Brazil.
Happy New Year to you and yours.
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