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Am I Taking Someone’s Job?

The unemployment rate is dreadful. People are losing homes and struggling to put food on the table. Dreams are put on hold. Unemployed workers in their fifties fear that they will never work again.


And then there is me, working full time and earning a good salary well beyond normal retirement age. I know that I am making a contribution. But could my responsibilities (and salary) go to people who are younger and needier than I am?


Am I taking someone's job? Maybe. Would I leave a job I love to make room for someone else?


Not yet.


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I discovered your blog via the Time Goes By blogroll and enjoyed it a lot. I wanted to read more but found out you had no archive oder calendar feature. So I had to klick myself back through time. On july 11th I discovered that you are blogging since january 2008 - that means a lot of klicks for me. Isn't there a easier way to go back?
I am also in my seventies and envy you for your employment. I would have loved to carry on working too, - but in Switzerland you get retired at 65.
My advice: don't give up your employment if you feel you are still making a contribution. It makes a big difference if you are still in the working process or if you belong to the retired people.
I wish you all the best.

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