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Friday Night Out

Changing Seasons

It was a cold and windy Friday night of Halloween weekend--too cold for October.  I wrapped my jacket tightly around me as Peter and I hurried to our car after a concert. 

On the way, we encountered groups of costumed college students heading to Halloween parties.  Nobody was wearing a coat. Most of the women were wearing very short shorts, and one in particular wore a bustier that revealed a very ample bosom.  Although I am sure Peter enjoyed the scenery, I could only wonder how she could stand to have all that skin bared in the cold.

On Halloween day, the wind was still howling as we took our morning walk around the reservoir near our house.  There were the usual runners whizzing by, all varieties of dogs and their owners getting some exercise, and kids in strollers pushed by young parents. 

Here is the Halloween morning clothing report:  runners in t-shirts and shorts, kids in their strollers wearing t-shirts and long pants, their parents in sweatpants and sweatshirts, most dog walkers lightly clad.

And then there were those of us with gray hair. Heads down, we were stuffed into our parkas like Michelin men. 

Years ago, we didn't mind the cold either.


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