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One of my favorite younger colleagues just returned from her third three-month maternity leave since I hired her over seven years ago.  She doesn’t report to me now, but we eat lunch together occasionally and we are Facebook friends, so I manage to keep up with what’s going on in her life.

On Friday, when I stopped by her office to welcome her back, I commented on some new pictures of her children. Sam, Laura’s first child, is five and his sister Caitlyn is three.  Sarah was born in July. 

“It seems like only yesterday that Sam was born,” I remarked.

“The days are slow, the years are fast,” said Laura

Spoken like a mother.


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Oh how true! I was just discussing this same phenomenon with someone the other day. Curious how some days can seem never-ending, but they are grown in the blink of an eye.

BTW, Judy, I just love your blog and look forward to every new post. You're inspiring as a writer, a mom and a woman!

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