A Promise

A year ago this weekend was born. Jasmere is a social shopping website that seeks out lesser-known specialty retailers and brings their products to national attention at discounts of up to 70%. It was conceived and developed by our son Jeremy and his business partner Andy. One of the things that makes Jasmere special is that the more people who buy, the cheaper the price of the item. No one's credit card is charged until the offering is closed, when everyone gets the lowest price.

One of Jeremy's responsibilities as co-founder is to keep customers and merchants happy, a responsibility that he takes to heart.

Take last week. Jasmere offered caramels from a start-up called Mouth Party Caramels. The owner was concerned that if she got too many orders, her small staff couldn't handle them fast enough. So Jeremy, who lives about an hour away from Mouth Party Caramels told her that if she was overwhelmed with orders, he and his partner would come to her kitchen and help with the shipping.

And last Friday, that's what they did. Jeremy and Andy assembled boxes for three hours. They had a lot of fun, and they ate a lot of caramels.

My own order hasn't arrived yet, but when it does, it will taste better because I will know that it was packed with love from Jeremy.


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