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Technology (con’t)

Although I frequently vow that I am in the de-accessing stage of my life, technology still seduces me.

In the past month, we have purchased:

1.  An internet radio, that lets us hear a station anywhere that streams over the internet.    

2.  A new printer, not because ours didn't work, but because the new one is better.

3.   A Roku Digital Video Player that let us access our Netflix queue on our TV instantly and remembers where we were if we have to stop in the middle to answer the phone.

4.   A netbook.  This handy little device for internet and email is so convenient that it sits (barely noticed) in the kitchen and has eliminated the constant yelling back and forth up and down our stairs—"Are you almost off the computer?"

So the other night when Peter reported that several students in his new class had I-Pads and told me all the cool things about them, I declared ENOUGH.

Someone has to draw the line.


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I think my husband and I are technophiles too. This morning we were laughing of what might be said of us at our respective funerals, and technology came into it. Still, at least it keeps us up to date and stretches our minds.

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